Window Installation Birmingham AL: How Natural Light Impacts our Lives

How Natural Light Impacts Our Lives  Many of us have been in the house much more than normal lately. It has had an impact on us in so many ways. First off, you may be looking around at all the projects you have been putting off around the house. ( If ANY of those projects […]

Window Replacement Birmingham AL: Do You Have Builder Grade Windows?

ou’ve just purchased a home that was newly built and you expect everything to be top notch right? We hope you’re right but sometimes builders cut corners. Sometimes they cut a LOT of corners. On that list of corners cut is sometimes the windows. Who notices right? Well, no one, that is until they do. […]

Window & Door Installations Birmingham AL – Our Proud Partnership with Provia

We are so excited to announce that we are the only direct dealer in Alabama to carry ProVia vinyl windows. ProVia is an excellent faith-based company that has been in a business for over 40 years. The manufacture very high quality windows and doors. They have developed a reputation within the vinyl replacement window industry for developing the […]

Window & Door Installations Birmingham AL: The Importance of Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Energy-efficient windows and doors are specifically designed to trap the desired temperatures inside and keep the heat, cold, and humidity outside. These windows and doors offer multiple glazes, low-E coatings, and of course, energy savings. Most homeowners don’t realize that a majority of their home’s energy losses come from their windows. Outdated, especially single-pane, windows […]

5 Helpful Tips if Your Home Suffered Storm Damage

If your home was damaged in the recent tornados that ripped across Alabama, you may be left with questions on next steps and how to rebuild. Tornados can strike fast and leave a path of destruction in their wake in just a matter of seconds. Fortunately, your home insurance covers damages from disasters like a […]

How Spring Changes Your Home

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and that means the seasons are changing. For many homeowners, this means it’s time for some spring cleaning. But while you’re dusting and vacuuming, don’t forget about your home’s biggest openings – the windows! Spring brings changes in the weather that can cause problems for your windows, […]

Garage Doors Birmingham AL: Garage Door Trends 2023

How Important is the Garage Door (s)? Your garage door is actually one of the most prominent features of your home. Sometimes you don’t realize how much it can change things. That is – until you get a new one. The reaction we usually get is WHOA! It makes the house look so much better! […]

C&D Home Solution’s Biggest Sale of the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to take on a home renovation project. C&D Home Solutions has you covered when you decide to replace windows, doors, siding, or gutters. It starts with our knowledgeable experts who will come to your home and help you compare the best products on the market. Then our top-notch team of […]

Rick & Bubba Agree We Are The Top Window & Door Company in Birmingham

If you’re looking for the best option when taking on a home improvement project, look no further than C&D Home Solutions! We are excited to announce that we have recently been endorsed by the Rick & Bubba show on 104.7 WZZK. As you might already know, they only endorse companies that they truly believe in […]