Window Installation Birmingham AL: How Natural Light Impacts our Lives

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How Natural Light Impacts Our Lives 

Many of us have been in the house much more than normal lately. It has had an impact on us in so many ways.

First off, you may be looking around at all the projects you have been putting off around the house.

( If ANY of those projects are window & door related please give us a call 😁😁.)

One thing that we really need as humans is sunlight! Even when we are indoors. It impacts our health and our overall sence of well-being.

Here is a list of ways the sunlight impacts us:

Vitamin D
When exposed to sunlight, the skin absorbs vitamin D, a critical nutrient that prevents bone loss and reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers.
The so-called “sunshine vitamin” also doesn’t discriminate based on whether you get your sunlight indoors or out.
Meaning: increasing your natural light where you spend the most time, be it home or the workplace, is equally important.

Wards Off Depression
Many of us love fall – it is a time for everything pumkin-spice and pots of soup brewing on the stove.

However, for about 6% of the population, fall means a time of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (aka major depressive disorder with seasonal patterns).

Being able to experience natural sunlight inside as well as out can ward off this depression or at least minimize it. In fact, there are lamps available that were created to mimic natural light just for this reason.

Improve Your Sleep Patterns 

Mental health and sleep go hand in hand. As a result natural light plays a role here as well.

Very popular studies have been done on office workers over the last few years that revealed the more natural light exposure they received, the better sleep they experienced.

The Dangers of Fluorescent Lighting
If you are spending your time in natural light, that means you are having less exposure to the light of fluorescent bulbs.

Fluorescent lamps are generally recognized as safe. However, for some people exposure to fluorescent light can create health issues.

With compact florescent light bulbs as your main light source every day it could increase your risk for migraines and eye strain.

(P.S. Broken CFL bulbs can also emit dangerous amounts of mercury, so if you’ve got adventurous kids, keep these out of reach!)

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