Window Replacement Birmingham AL: Do You Have Builder Grade Windows?

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ou’ve just purchased a home that was newly built and you expect everything to be top notch right?

We hope you’re right but sometimes builders cut corners. Sometimes they cut a LOT of corners.

On that list of corners cut is sometimes the windows. Who notices right?

Well, no one, that is until they do. Unfortunately, that is usually when something has gone wrong.

Builder grade windows look great at first until they start showing sign of wear which can start to happen within 5 years or less.


Window Replacement Birmingham AL: The Downfalls of Builder Grade Windows

If the house framer is installing the windows for example, he is typically just closing off openings for security purposes and that is about it.

The framer will just put a few screws in the flange and off they go to the next window.

They might not square it off, level it, they just pop the window in and that’s it. What the builder basically has is a house that’s framed, sheathed, and secured.

Sometimes Insulation is Skipped


A key to preventing drafts is insulation between the pocket around each window and sometimes that part is skipped in the process.

No one is going around putting in foam insulation.

The sheet rocker comes in followed by the guy who does the molding and it’s skipped. The windows usually aren’t caulked and flashed properly on the outside, so that’s why you feel air coming in.

Look for Seal Failure

Is the glass not as clear as it used to be? Is there water on the glass but you can’t wipe it off?

This is seal failure and it’s very common with these cheap new construction windows.

The seal around the insulated glass unit has failed and water has penetrated between the panes.

The problem is you can’t clean it – it’s now time to get new windows.


Ask Before You Buy

Don’t be afraid to ask a builder about every step of the building process including the windows.


Here are some questions to ask:

  1.      What brand are the windows? Are they merely builder grade?
  2.      Have they been properly insulated?
  3.      Who is going to install them?
  4.      Do they have a manufacturer warranty?
  5.      What does the warranty cover?


Never feel like you are being a pest for asking these questions, after all, your home is most of the time the largest investment you make over your lifetime.

You have every right to know everything there is to know about that purchase.

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