Garage Doors Birmingham AL: Garage Door Trends 2023

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How Important is the Garage Door (s)?

Your garage door is actually one of the most prominent features of your home. Sometimes you don’t realize how much it can change things. That is – until you get a new one.

The reaction we usually get is WHOA! It makes the house look so much better!

Garage Doors Birmingham AL: Garage Doors Have Changed


Garage doors have really changed over the years. Not only are there so many more materials and styles to choose from, but technology has changed how they operate.

Do you remember that loud sound that sometimes rocked the house when someone raised the garage door?

Not anymore!

Now you have something called a Quiet Door Option which reduces door operation noise of steel garage doors by up to 38%.

That’s the same noise reduction as going from the sound of a vacuum cleaner to the sound of a running show to the sound of a running shower.


Remember those pesky garage door openers that you have to put batteries in? Also a thing of the past!

Now you can download an app on your phone and use wi-fi to open your garage doors.

You can even put your garage doors on an automatic timer to open and close at a time you choose.


Modern Materials

Unlike the detached one-car structures found at the end of driveways 50 years ago, today’s two- and three-bay garages are wholly integrated into the home’s footprint.

Instead many times a garage can be one of the focal points of the home.

You no longer need to rely on heavy materials such as wood and steel when making garage doors.

Instead, modern materials like vinyl and fibreglass are getting more common among homeowners.

Besides being lightweight, cost-effective and durable, they are also easy to maintain and can be customised with various designs.

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