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Sliding glass doors are a great option for a room, as they help you save space and allow natural light in.

If you love the option of a sliding glass door but don’t always want the extra light, you can easily attach blinds or curtains. We install sliding doors that are energy efficient and glide smoothly as you open them.

We work with Pella, Provia, and Mi Windows & Doors to provide you with a door that will suit your needs and match the style of rest of your home.

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Pella Sliding Glass Doors

Simple and Smooth

Pella Sliding Glass Doors come in a variety of colors and materials. With sleek, minimal profiles, expansive glass and through-stile construction, the doors are suitable for both traditional and contemporary styles. These doors are available in wood, fiberglass or vinyl and 2-, 3- and 4-panel configurations to match the requirements of any project or budget.

Pella's Sliding Glass Architect Series

Elegant and Specially-Crafted

Pella's beautifully crafted Architect Series comes in an array of styles. Find which one best suits your home:

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  • Traditional: The Traditional series is thoughtfully designed. They glide along a track, helping you to save space in tight areas. The wood can be custom stained and blended to match your home. Water-based stains offer a high-quality finish and beautiful color that will resist fading and look stunning for years.
  • Contemporary: The Contemporary series creates a sleek and sophisticated silhouette with modern lines and hardware. The doors are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Inview Screens give a clearer view than other sliding doors, and add14% more natural light into your home.
  • Lifestyle: This series offers security sensors, energy efficiency, incredible sound control, and the natural beauty of wood on the frames. Blinds and shades are integrated and can either be motorized or manual. Choose from a dual or a triple pane glass.
  • Impervia: Impervia are made of strong and most durable fiberglass. They are also incredibly energy efficient and are built to endure extreme weather.
  • Pella 350 Series: These patio doors are created with vinyl in contemporary styles. They are exceptionally durable and 54%-83% more energy efficient with their triple pan glass.
Pellas Sliding Glass Architect Series 3
Pellas Sliding Glass Architect Series 2
  • Pella 250 Series: These vinyl patio doors create a high quality look and are incorporated with flush footbolt that allows locking abilities as well as secondary venting. Blinds are available in six different color options, giving you even more options to customize according to your home’s design.
  • Encompass: These doors are competitively priced. The vinyl is also easy to maintain and take care of. There are many styles to suit your home and budget.

Pella's Traditional & Contemporary Sliding Glass Doors

Pella also offers multi-sliding doors in both traditional and contemporary style.

They come in many options including:


The Aeris doors include sixteen different wood stain finishes. They have been tested against extreme weather including wind resistance. They are also a strong option for sliding doors as they have also been tested against forced entry.


The Aspect vinyl doors are durable and very budget friendly. They are specifically created to be energy efficient for your home. They are durable and secure against forced entry. These sliding doors are available in white, sandstone, and beige with several glass options as well as the opportunity to customize your hardware.


These doors offer a low-E glass coating that provides incredible energy efficiency. With their durability, strength and exceptional flexibility, these doors will eliminate any potential seal failure and give you a sliding door that operates smoothly and quietly.

Mi Sliding Glass Doors

Pella's beautifully crafted Architect Series comes in an array of styles. Find which one best suits your home:

If you're looking for a replacement patio door or a sliding glass door for your new project, Mi Windows’ top-selling vinyl sliding patio door might be the perfect solution. Their sliding glass doors are solid, reliable, and help unite the interior and exterior spaces of your home.

Designed with features like insulated glass and a warm-edge spacer system, they are all ENERGY STAR-qualified in all four U.S. climate zones, and the roller system and aluminum track create smooth and easy operation to make them the ideal combination of efficiency and ease. They combine convenience, function, and style to meet all of your needs.

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Here are some of Mi Windows' sliding glass door series they offer:

  • 100 Series Sliding Glass Door: These doors are created with an advanced roller system, giving you a smooth gliding door. They are offered in white, bronze, and driftwood and insulated, laminated glass.
  • 1600 Series Sliding Glass Door: These doors can be customized up to 16 feet wide. They are insulated, double strength windows resulting in strong, durable glass that will last. These doors also specifically work to reduce any air infiltration.
  • 1610 Sliding Glass Door: The 1610 door includes an optional French rail with blinds between the glass for a shade option. They also have an option for an Instinct One Motion handle, which allows you to lock and unlock in just one swift motion.
  • 400 Series Sliding Glass Door: The 400 Series was created specifically for warmer climates with its energy efficiency. These durable doors are structurally sound and would be a great addition in any home.
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