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Why Choose Sliding Glass Doors

Opting for sliding glass doors presents both aesthetic allure and practical functionality, infusing your home with natural light. Our sliding glass doors serve as a seamless enhancement for various spaces. They include living areas, family rooms, and bedrooms, which give your interiors a warm, natural ambiance. These doors seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor realms. This grants easy access to your patio without disrupting your home’s layout or flow.

Premium Sliding Patio Doors from Pella and Mi Windows and Doors

We’ve partnered with esteemed brands such as Pella and Mi Windows and Doors. We provide you with sliding patio doors that boast durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. Collaboratively, we’ll identify the door type that harmonizes with your space, meets your functional requirements and aligns with your preferred style. Dive deeper to explore the exciting features these renowned brands offer. Enrich your home with their exceptional offerings.

Pella Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Pella presents an extensive spectrum of colors and materials that effortlessly infuse any living space with a clean and seamless ambiance. Renowned for their contemporary, sleek profiles featuring expansive glass panes and through-stile construction, Pella sliding glass doors offer an alluring aesthetic. With options encompassing wood, fiberglass, and vinyl, these sought-after patio doors cater to diverse preferences. 

Further enhancing versatility, Pella patio doors accommodate varying spaces through configurations ranging from two to four panels, adeptly fitting snug corners or expansive entrances. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to identify the optimal configurations, irrespective of the project scope or budget considerations.

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Pella Sliding Glass Door Architect Series

The Architect Series of Pella’s Sliding Glass offers intricately designed patio doors. They also offer a wide array of stunning colors and styles. This ranges from traditional to vinyl sliding patio doors to durable fiberglass sliding doors. Read more about each style below.

sliding glass doors

Traditional Sliding Doors

Careful attention to detail is used to build Pella Traditional style sliding patio doors. They offer many sizes, grille patterns, and exterior colors. This style of patio door glides open and closed on a discreet track and are customizable with dual or triple panes of glass for increased energy efficiency. These doors also offer beautiful hardware finishes to create a seamless look that perfectly complements your home.

Contemporary Style Doors

 The Pella Contemporary series is the right patio door style for homes with modern design and ample natural light. This style of sliding patio door offers a sleek silhouette, modern lines, and architect-inspired hardware. Designers have designed contemporary-style doors with energy efficiency and the environment in mind. These doors bring natural light into your home without sacrificing your energy bill.

Lifestyle Doors

The Lifestyle patio doors truly live up to their name. We designed these sliding patio doors to bring fresh air, natural light, and modern design elements into your home and life. They offer features such as security sensors, sound control, and natural wood design. For increased privacy, you can also add blinds or shades, with both manual or motorized options. This style is customizable with two and three-pane options.


High-grade, durable fiberglass is used to make Pella Impervia doors that withstand all weather elements and up to 500 pounds of opening force when locked. These doors slide open along a track with a low-profile sill to prevent tripping hazards. Impervia patio doors also offer multiple locking mechanisms in both locking and venting for increased security.

Pella 350 Series

They create these patio doors with vinyl in contemporary styles. They are exceptionally durable and 54%-83% more energy efficient with their triple pan glass.

sliding glass doors
sliding glass doors

Pella 250 Series

The Pella 250 Series vinyl patio doors are designed to add a low-maintenance, stylish, and safe patio door to your home. These patio doors offer an optional integrated footbolt for increased safety in locking and venting positions. Additionally, these doors can meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® ratings, regardless of climate. Pella 250 series doors can also be customized with several sizing and finish options.


The Encompass vinyl sliding patio door is an excellent option for those wishing to add a new patio door to their home with budget-friendly pricing. These patio doors offer modern designs with energy-efficient glass coating options to reduce energy costs and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. The Encompass patio doors are available in three frame color options and several hardware finishes.

Pella Multi-Sliding Patio Doors

Multi-slide doors represent a category of patio doors characterized by the presence of three or more expansive glass panels that move horizontally along a track and neatly stack atop each other. Renowned for their modern design and capacity to establish a seamless indoor-outdoor living space, this patio door style holds immense popularity. Pella provides an array of design choices for multi-sliding doors. Discover further details about each distinct style in the following sections.ontally along a track and stack neatly on top of one another. This patio door style is extremely popular due to its contemporary style and ability to create an indoor and outdoor living area with multiple opening configurations. Pella offers multi-sliding doors in several design options. Read more about each style below.


With more than sixteen wood stains and finishes, the Aeris series is the perfect option to create a smooth feel from living space to the outdoors. These patio doors are designed to withstand extreme wind and weather conditions with durable materials that will not fade or weaken over time. Aeris doors have been tested against forced entry, making them a trusted option for secure patio doors.


Pella’s Aspect series doors are an excellent option for adding multi-sliding patio doors to your home with budget-friendly pricing. These doors were designed to offer enhanced energy efficiency and ample style options to ensure your new patio doors match the design of your home. Aspect doors are available in white, sandstone, and beige finishes with several glass options and customizable hardware.


The Ecolite series is the optimal combination of energy efficiency and the modern design style of multi-sliding doors. Ecolite doors are made with Low-E glass coatings that increase the energy efficiency of the glass panes in your patio doors. These doors offer long-lasting durability and exceptional flexibility to ensure your doors glide along its track smoothly and quietly.

Mi Sliding Patio Doors

Pella’s beautifully crafted Architect Series comes in an array of styles. Find which one best suits your home:

For over seven decades, Mi Windows and Doors has been dedicated to producing top-notch sliding doors, windows, and a range of other products. Every item is meticulously crafted from meticulously selected and rigorously tested materials, guaranteeing a high-quality end product that will provide years of satisfaction. These offerings incorporate a warm-edge spacer system, insulated glass, and hold ENERGY STAR® ratings applicable across all U.S. climate zones. Their sliding doors are designed with a roller system and aluminum track, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly door solution that aligns with both your home’s requirements and stylistic preferences.

Here are some of Mi Windows' sliding glass door series they offer:

100 Series Sliding Glass Door

This style of sliding glass door presents an innovative roller system and weather stripping made from wool pile. Thus, guaranteeing enhanced energy efficiency. These doors come with a variety of choices in terms of color, hardware, and glass. Hence, providing the opportunity to craft the perfect door solution for your residence.

1600 Series Sliding Glass Door

The 1600 Series door provides various setup options, including set-up, knock-down, and multi-slide configurations, making it a fantastic choice for residences of all sizes and architectural styles. Moreover, they offer this particular sliding door style in configurations extending up to 16 feet.  They feature an insulated double-strength tempered glass that enhances both strength and longevity. The 1600 Series doors are additionally accessible in over ten interior and exterior colors, allowing for versatile aesthetic coordination.

1610 Sliding Glass Door

The 1610 sliding glass door from Mi Windows presents a timeless design. It is complete with the choice of an optional French rail that includes blinds nestled between the glass panes. This feature provides extra shading possibilities. Additionally, this design incorporates the convenience of an Instinct One Motion handle. This ensures seamless and effortless operation when opening and closing your patio doors. Furthermore, the 1610 sliding glass door provides a range of glass finish options to ensure a unified and harmonious appearance throughout your home.

400 Series Sliding Glass Door

Tailored for residences in warmer climates, this sliding door series boasts an aluminum finish, warm-edge spacer system, and the choice of optional glass treatment. This design seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics with optimal energy efficiency for your home. Crafted with precision, it comprises two glass panes set within an aluminum frame. A tandem steel adjustable roller system ensures seamless operation of this door.

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