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Sliding glass doors are a visually striking and functional way to add natural light to your home. Our sliding glass doors are the perfect addition to any living space, family room, bedroom, and more to bring natural elements and a warmer feel to your home. Sliding glass doors offer functional access to your patio or outdoor space without disrupting the layout or flow of your home.

We partner with Pella and Mi Windows and Doors to bring you durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient sliding patio doors. We will work with you to determine what kind of door best suits your space, what functions you need, and the styles you would love to see in your home. Keep reading to learn more about these exciting brands and what they can bring to your home.

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Pella Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Pella offers a wide range of colors and materials that bring a simple and smooth feeling to any living space. Pella doors are known for their sleek, modern profiles with large glass panes and through-stile construction. These popular patio doors are available in wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Additionally, Pella patio doors use two, three, or four-panels to adapt to tight spaces or larger openings. Our team will work with you to find the right configurations, no matter the project or budget.

Pella Sliding Glass Door Architect Series

Pella's Sliding Glass Architect Series offers patio doors that are intricately designed, and offer a wide array of stunning colors and styles, ranging from traditional to vinyl sliding patio doors to durable fiberglass sliding doors. Read more about each style below.

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  • Traditional Sliding Doors:  Pella Traditional style sliding patio doors are built with careful attention to detail and offer many sizes, grille patterns, and exterior colors. This style of patio door glides open and closed on a discreet track and can be customized with dual or triple panes of glass for increased energy efficiency. These doors also offer beautiful hardware finishes to create a seamless look that perfectly complements your home.
  • Contemporary Style Doors:  The Pella Contemporary series is the right patio door style for homes with modern design and ample natural light. This style of sliding patio door offers a sleek silhouette, modern lines, and architect-inspired hardware. Contemporary-style doors are also designed with energy efficiency and the environment in mind. These doors bring natural light into your home without sacrificing your energy bill.
  • Lifestyle Doors: The Lifestyle patio doors truly live up to their name. These sliding patio doors are designed to bring fresh air, natural light, and modern design elements into your home and life. The Lifestyle doors offer features such as security sensors, sound control, and natural wood design. For increased privacy, you can also add blinds or shades, with both manual or motorized options. This style is customizable with two and three-pane options.
  • Impervia: The Pella Impervia doors are made of high-grade, durable fiberglass designed to withstand all weather elements and up to 500 pounds of opening force when locked. These doors slide open along a track with a low-profile sill to prevent tripping hazards. Impervia patio doors also offer multiple locking mechanisms in both locking and venting for increased security.
  • Pella 350 Series: These patio doors are created with vinyl in contemporary styles. They are exceptionally durable and 54%-83% more energy efficient with their triple pan glass.
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Pellas Sliding Glass Architect Series 2
  • Pella 250 Series: The Pella 250 Series vinyl patio doors are designed to add a low-maintenance, stylish, and safe patio door to your home. These patio doors offer an optional integrated footbolt for increased safety in locking and venting positions. Additionally, these doors can meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® ratings, regardless of climate. Pella 250 series doors can also be customized with several sizing and finish options.
  • Encompass: The Encompass vinyl sliding patio door is an excellent option for those wishing to add a new patio door to their home with budget-friendly pricing. These patio doors offer modern designs with energy-efficient glass coating options to reduce energy costs and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. The Encompass patio doors are available in three frame color options and several hardware finishes.

Pella Multi-Sliding Patio Doors

Multi-slide doors are a style of patio doors with three or more large glass panels that glide horizontally along a track and stack neatly on top of one another. This patio door style is extremely popular due to its contemporary style and ability to create an indoor and outdoor living area with multiple opening configurations. Pella offers multi-sliding doors in several design options. Read more about each style below.


With more than sixteen wood stains and finishes, the Aeris series is the perfect option to create a smooth feel from living space to the outdoors. These patio doors are designed to withstand extreme wind and weather conditions with durable materials that will not fade or weaken over time. Aeris doors have been tested against forced entry, making them a trusted option for secure patio doors.


Pella's Aspect series doors are an excellent option for adding multi-sliding patio doors to your home with budget-friendly pricing. These doors were designed to offer enhanced energy efficiency and ample style options to ensure your new patio doors match the design of your home. Aspect doors are available in white, sandstone, and beige finishes with several glass options and customizable hardware.


The Ecolite series is the optimal combination of energy efficiency and the modern design style of multi-sliding doors. Ecolite doors are made with Low-E glass coatings that increase the energy efficiency of the glass panes in your patio doors. These doors offer long-lasting durability and exceptional flexibility to ensure your doors glide along its track smoothly and quietly.

Mi Sliding Patio Doors

Pella's beautifully crafted Architect Series comes in an array of styles. Find which one best suits your home:

Mi Windows and Doors is a brand that has been crafting quality sliding doors, windows, and more for 70+ years. Each product is made of carefully sourced and tested materials to ensure a quality finished product that you can enjoy for years to come. Mi products offer a warm-edge spacer system, insulated glass, and ENERGY STAR® ratings in all U.S climate zones. Their sliding doors operate on a roller system and aluminum track to ensure a smooth, easy-to-use door that meets your home's needs and style preferences.

Here are some of Mi Windows' sliding glass door series they offer:

  • 100 Series Sliding Glass Door: This sliding glass door style offers an advanced roller system and wool pile weather stripping to ensure higher energy efficiency. These doors offer several color, hardware, and glass options to help create the ideal door for your home.
  • 1600 Series Sliding Glass Door: The 1600 Series door offers set-up, knock-down, and multi-slide configurations, making it an excellent option for homes of any size or style. Additionally, this style of sliding door is available in configurations up to 16 feet—and offers an insulated double-strength tempered glass to ensure added strength and durability. The 1600 Series doors are also available in more than ten interior and exterior colors.
  • 1610 Sliding Glass Door: Mi Windows 1610 sliding glass door offers a classic design with an optional French rail featuring blinds between glass panes for added shade options. This style also offers an Instinct One Motion handle, making opening and closing your patio doors effortless. The 1610 sliding glass door also offers several glass finish options to ensure a cohesive look within your home.
  • 400 Series Sliding Glass Door: This sliding door series was created specifically for homes in warmer climates. With an aluminum finish, warm-edge spacer system, and optional glass treatment, this sliding door is designed to offer modern design while ensuring your home's energy efficiency. This door is made with two panes of glass and an aluminum frame—and includes a tandem steel adjustable roller system to ensure smooth operation.
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