Vinyl Doors

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In Need of New Vinyl Doors?

Vinyl doors are a low maintenance, budget friendly, and durable option for your home. We have a professional team ready to help choose a style that works for you.

Here are some pros of Vinyl:

  • They are energy efficient. Vinyl doors have exceptional thermal performance ratings. The perfected design of vinyl doors ensure that there are no air leakages.
  • They are easy to maintain. These doors are easy to clean and replace, so you don’t need a special cleaner for vinyl doors.
  • They do not need to be painted, refinished, or stained
  • They are durable and won’t corrode. Vinyl is resistant to dirt and mold and is also the least resistant to pests like termites.
  • If you're looking for a door that will last for years, vinyl doors are the perfect choice. These low maintenance doors are not only durable but they work to seal out air leaks.

We have three brands that we partner with to provide you with the best option for your new vinyl door:

  • Pella: Pella 350 Series, Pella 250 Series, Encompass
  • Provia: Endure Vinyl, Aspect Vinyl, Ecolite Vinyl
  • Mi Windows and Doors: 1600 Series Sliding Glass Door, 1610 Sliding Glass Door

Pella Vinyl Doors

Pella offers the following styles when choosing a vinyl door:

Pella Vinyl Doors 1
Pella Vinyl Doors 2
Pella Vinyl Doors 3
  • Pella 350 Series: These doors are stronger and more durable than any other vinyl door. They offer a very detailed frame, eleven color options for the frame, and is very low maintenance. You can choose either a solid frame or a dual-color frame.
  • Pella 250 Series: These vinyl doors offered by Pella offer very smooth lines for a high quality appearance, an innovative flushbolt allowing for more ventilation and security, between the glass blinds, and 2, 3-4 panel configurations for their doors.
  • Encompass: Encompass doors offer a quality craftsmanship, contemporary styling for any budget. They are low maintenance and will fit any budget.

ProVia Vinyl Doors

Provia offers the following styles when choosing a vinyl door:

Provia Vinyl Door 1
Provia Vinyl Door 2
Provia Vinyl Door 3
  • Endure Vinyl: These doors are energy efficient, secure, and offer the best protection against extreme weather. With many colors and glass options to choose from, these doors are able to be personalized to your specific wants.
  • Aspect Vinyl: Aspect vinyl doors are designed to specifically be energy efficient. They are quality doors meant to endure for years, create a smooth and silent operation as you open and close them, and stand strong against wind and air leaks. Aspect vinyl doors are offered in white, sandstone, and beige with the option to personalize your glass as well as hardware.
  • Ecolite Vinyl: This door not only offers durability and strength but also works to provide a silent operating system for your home and eliminate any seal failure.

Mi Vinyl Doors

Mi Windows and Doors offers the following styles when choosing a vinyl door:

Mi Vinyl Doors 1
Mi Vinyl Doors 2
Mi Vinyl Doors 3
  • 1600 Series Sliding Glass Door: These doors can be customized up to 16 feet wide. They are insulated, double strength windows resulting in strong, durable glass that will last. These doors also specifically work to reduce any air infiltration.
  • 1610 Sliding Glass Door: The 1610 door includes an optional French rail with blinds between the glass for a shade option. They also have an option for an Instinct One Motion handle, which allows you to lock and unlock in just one swift motion.

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We’re the C&D Home Solutions and we’re here to help you make an informed window or door replacement decision.